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RETEVIS RT3S DMR Radio Digital Walkie Talkie GPS DMR Ham Radio Amador 5W VHF UHF Dual Band Encryption Compatible with Mototrbo

<:retevis rt3s has two version gps and with version.when you make order notice the difference.>>​

Dual Band DMR

  • ​Retevis RT3S is a dual band DMR radio,the frequency range is 136-174MHz and 400-480MHz.It use Time-Division Multiple-Access(TDMA) digital technology,comply with Digital Protocol ETSI TS 102 361-1,-2,-3,compatible with Motorola DMR radio and othe DMR digital walkie talkie.

Dual Mode operate/Dual Display/Dual Standby

  • Retevis RT3S support dual mode operate,dual display and dual standby.It means you can set the channel as digital channel or analog channel,it depends on your need.You can also use the RT3S to talk with all analog radio,like Baofeng UV-5R/UV-82/bf-888S,Retevis H777,RT22,RT-5R and so on.

Dual Time Slot

  • RT3S not only support dual time slot for repeater,but also support dual time slot for point to point.
  • Dual capacity direct mode (DCDM) enables a single 12.5kHz channel to support two simultaneous and independent calls.

Color LCD Display

  • Retevis RT3S has a large color LCD display,you can easily read the the channel/zone/time/power/function prompt/menu and so on.

High Gain Antenna

Support VFO Mode

  • VFO mode means you can edit the frequency and channel settings by radio keypad.

Superior audio performance

  • DMR digital technology provides better noise rejection and preserves voice quality over a greater range than analogue,especilly at the farthest edges of the transmission range.

Ease use of data applications

  • The end-to-end digital nature of DMR means that applications such as text messaging,GPS,can be easily added onto radio devices and systems.

Two definable side key

  • There are 2 side keys on RT3S. You can customize them as hot keys based on your needs by programming software mdashPower Select,Emergency on/off,Scan on/off,VOX on/off,Zone +/-,Repeater/Talkaround,One Touch Access,1750Hz etc (Up to 27 options). Once set, those features can be easily achieved when you long press or short press the side keys.

Digital voice encryption

  • Retevis RT3S supports voice encryption.You can set 16 groups 4-bit basic password and 8 groups 32-bit enhanced password on the CPS.
  • RT3S’s encryption is compatible with RT3, RT8, RT82,RT90 DMR radio.

Lone Worker

  • RT3S is outfitted with lone worker function intended to ensure worker safety.

More useful features

  • RT3S has the voice prompt function,but RT3 not.
  • RT3S also has VOX hands-free function,CTCSS/DCS code,Scan,TOT and record functions.

Applicable Environments:

About the programming software and fireware

  • We can provide the USB driver,programming software and latest fireware.If you need them,you can download it from our official website.Or leave us your email address,we can send it by email.

Main Feature:

  • Use time-division multiple-Access(TDMA) digital technology
  • Dual time slot for repeater
  • Dual time slot for point to point
  • Firmware upgradeable
  • Lone worker
  • Encryption function
  • Compatible with Mototrbo Tier Ⅰ&Ⅱ
  • Single call,group call and all call
  • Analog and digital combiend
  • Remote kill /stun and activate
  • Up to 3000 channels
  • Transmit interruption
  • Group call match(promiscuous)
  • Private call match(promiscuous)
  • Record
  • Emergency Alarm
  • Voice Announcement
  • VOX
  • TOT

General specifications

Frequency 136-174MHz &400-480MHz
Channels 3000
Frequency Stability plusmn1ppm
Operating Temperature -30℃~+60℃
Operating Voltage 7.4V DC
Dimension 131 x 61 x 36mm
Weight 258g (with battery)
Battery Type Li-ion
Battery Capacity 2000mAh
Antenna Impedance 50Omega
Audio Impedance 1W 16Omega
Channel Spacing 12.5KHz



Power Highle5W, Lowle1W
Frequency Stability plusmn1.0ppm
Adjacent Channel Power le-60dB
Free Time Slot Power TDMA:le57dBm
Hum and noise -40dB 12.5KHz
Spurious radiation Antenna:9KHz-1GHz le-36dBm
1GHz-12.75GHz le-30dBm
FM modulation mode 11K0F3E 12.5KHz
4FSK digital mode 12.5KHz(data only):7K60FXD
12.5KHz(data and voice):7K60FXW
Modulation maximum deviation 2.5KHz 12.5KHz
Nonactive slot power -57dBm
Digital Protocol ETSI-TS102 361-1,-2,-3
Audio Response +1~-3dB
Modulation BER(bit error rate) le5%


Analog Sensibility 0.2microV 12dB SINAD
Digital Sensibility 0.25microV(BER:5%)
Adjacent Channel Selectivity le-60dB 12.5KHz
Intermodulation le60dB
Spurious Response ge70dB
Audio Response +1~-3dB
Rated Audio Distortion <5%
Rated Audio Power 1W
Modulation ge45dB 25KHz
ge40dB 12.5KHz
Package Includes:

  • 1 x RT3S two way radio
  • 1 x Battery
  • 1 x Antenna
  • 1 x Adapter (EU/US/UK/AU optional)
  • 1 x Charger
  • 1 x User’s manual
  • 1 x Belt clip
  • 1 x Programming cable (as gift)

Notice: We will send you the right charger according to your country.


Question 1: It is with GPS?

Answer: RETEVIS RT3S has two models,with GPS or without GPS,you can choose what you want.

Question 2: Does RETEVIS RT3S has the Promiscuous function?

Answer: Yes,it does,in RT3S,it is called Group call match or Private call match.It has the ability to you listen to all groups.

Question 3: Hello,whether encryption?

Answer: Yes,and its encryption is compatible with RETEVIS RT3/RT8/RT82/RT90.

Question 4: Apology,this radio works with Tier II?

Answer: Yes,RT3S is one true dual time slot DMR radio,and it is compatible with Motorola DMR radios.

Question 5: Why RT3 is more expensive than RT3S?

Answer: They have the different chip,RT3 is superheterodyne,RT3S is RDA.

​Question 6: With the radio there is a wire for programming?

Answer: Now we set six different packages,the first two package do not include the programming cable,others include the cable. And then you can download the driver and software from RETEVIS official website.

Question 7: Channels tied only to zones or there is no zones?

Answer: RT3S has many zones,and you can add the channel into the zone.

Question 8: This support SMS ? and compatible with motorola digital or other ht ?

Answer: Yes,RT3S support SMS short message, but the SMS function is not compatible with motorola digital or other ht. Because each manufacturer has different solutions regarding SMS, so they are not compatible.

Question 9: RT3S radio working on RDA chip?

Answer: Yes.

Question 10: Has FM radio?

Answer: No,it does not support commercial FM radio.

Question 11: How to reset RT3S radio?

Answer: pls contact the customer service,she will provide you thr original codeplug,thrn you read it into your software and write it into your radio.

Question 12: Can I programmed the radio manually?

Answer: Yes.First enter into the VFO mode,then you can edit the frequency and other setting by keyboard.

Question 13: Is there a roaming function? what encryption(how many bits)?

Answer: No,not support roaming function.But it support encryption,4-bit basic password or 32-bit enhanced password.

Question 14: does the walkie-talkie scan all the channels?

Answer: No,you can add the channels into the scanlist,then scan thescanlist.

Question 15: This radio is compatible with Motorola P25?

Answer: No,it is compatible with DMR radio

Question 16: How to translate analogue to digital not connecting to a computer ??

Answer:No way. You should define the channel mode through the software.

Question 17: APRS is compatible?

Answer: Yes. Now RT3S is compatible with APRS.

Question 18: can we pair this device with baofeng 888s/UV-5R/UV-8S/UV-9R?

Answer: Yes, can in analog mode.


[Загалом: 0 Середній: 0]


Місткість аккумулятора (mAh)




Захист від води


Walkie Talkie Type


Максимальна дистанція


Потужність (w)




Дапазони частот

VHF:136-174MHz & UHF:400-480MHz



Кількість каналів




Color code



Dual time slot, 1/2

Пам'ять контактів



258g (with battery)




High<=5W, Low<=1W

Speaker mic/Headset/Programming Port

Two-pin K plug

Тип антенни


Тип вилки для зарядки

EU (Європа)

VOX чутливість


Мікрофонний рівень шуму


Button definable

Yes, can define short press and long press function

Налаштування шифрування


Типи дзвінків

Private Call/Group Call/All Call



Підтримка DTMF Signaling


Підтримка GPS


Антенний роз'єм



Compatible with Kenwood 2Pin

Тип кабелю для програмування



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